Constitution and Rules

Here with the text of our constitution which has been modified to conform with the new criteria. This constitution will be implemented on 31st March 2000 if no objections are raised.

Name: Magna Graecia International Fellowship of Rotarians (IFMG) - one of the Recreational Fellowships listed in the Official Directory - received official status in March 1994.

Purpose: to develop and promote worldwide friendship through culture and tourism.

Membership: open to all Rotarians and their partners keen on history, heritage and archaeology.

Annual dues (optional): US$15 to cover administrative costs. Dues shall be payable through a Regional Coordinator in the country, if’ possible, or directly to the Treasurer of the IFMG.

Officers Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Coordinators, each of whom shall normally take office for three years. The officer is automatically renewed if there is no new nomination. Nominations for these offices are to be sent by 31st March to the Chairman who, acting in conjunction with the Secretary, shall institute a postal ballot if there is more than a single nomination for any office. A majority vote is necessary to be elected. The term of office begins on the following 1st July.

Chairman: will be empowered to take any decision relating to the Fellowship. Such decisions shall be reported by newsletter to all members. Any member who objects to such decisions may object in writing and, in the event that more than 10% of’ the members so object, a postal ballot shall be held, and a 2/3 majority of those voting is required to reverse the decision opposed.

Regional Coordinator: in each region a local organization of the IFMG will be constituted, responsible for maintaining a) roster of members in that region; b) organizing local activities to promote IFMG with local contributions; c) collecting Fellowship dues to provide funds to meet their own local administration expenses; d) submitting by 30th June to the IFMG Treasurer accounts relative to regional administration, together with the remaining monies. Should there be a deficit, the Treasurer will reimburse this sum to the Regional Coordinator from central funds.

Annual Report: will be sent out through ”MG news”, including the list of officers, the current roster of paid-up members, a calendar of events or activities and any other pertinent information.

Amendments: any member may propose changes to these rules. The officers will review the proposed change, and submit a recommendation to the membership. A majority vote of the membership is necessary to change these rules in the case of objections.