I would like to inform you about a new World Fellowship, Magna Graecia (IFMG). It aims to bring together Rotarians keen on history, heritage and archaeology who are particularly interested in Southern Italy: Magna Graecia. Members of the Fellowship will receive on request detailed documentation (both printed matter and videotapes) on the history, art, natural environment and ethnic and social aspects of various sites of Magna Graecia. A cultural tour with a different chosen theme will be promoted every year with local Rotarians as guides. The tour must have a specific theme because of the complexity of the histozical sites in a region which for several millenia has been the cross-road of exchanges between North and South, East and West. Every site reveals traces of the great civilisations which have followed on, one after another, for almost 3,000 years, very often in areas of outstanding beauty. Nowadays history and nature together in this part of Italy form something which is unique in the Western world. A journey to these shores has always been regarded as a return to the classical world and a return to nature, with the Mediterranean sun, the sea, vegetation and mouth-watering produce. These considerations justify the Magna Graecia Project, which offers Rotarians cul- tural tourism for the elite. The tour, promoted, prepared and guided by Rotarian friends with a common inte- . rest in Magna Graecia, could become an annual event in the international Rotary calendar. 



Should you decide to join our I.F.M.G., after reading the Fellowship Rule, please fill in the form on the reverse side of this letter, attach a cheque for 10 U.S. $ to cover your yearly dues and then post both back to us.